How to Submit A Website on Top 3 Search Engines

When it comes to bringing a business on the internet, getting it indexed on different search engines turn out to be the ideal way. While the process is quite lengthy and time consuming but, the results are worth the wait. But, have you ever thought how to do that?

Well, the answer is quite simple- it varies from one search engine to the other. But, the thing that makes it difficult is the extent to which you might have to go. The steps are quite extensive, let’s have a look at them:

Woman searching on a website

Reason to Submit a Website

Practically, search engines are not meant to be the source of manual submissions. Since they couldn’t get the job done, their bots crawl the websites to index. In case you don’t know the term crawling, it means that when search engines find new links of websites and decide to follow them. At the moment the link brings something useful, the page is indexed by the search engine. In short, these search engines are efficient enough to find new and better websites with their own algorithms.

The factors that make it necessary to submit websites to search engines are:

  • Peace of mind: From SEO point of view, it’s better to submit the website manually.
  • Explain about your website personally: It’s good to provide detail about the website on your own because this way, the search engine can know about important changes and content updates in a better way.
  • Chances of easy improvement: When you submit a website, you will get access to a number of tools that can help to bring significant changes to your website. Also, your content will remain updated and crawl whenever there is an opportunity.

 Now that you are aware of the reasons of why to submit your website on search engines, the next step is to know how to do it for different platforms:

Submission on Google

Since Google is the biggest and most preferred search engine across the world, it’s quite easy to add a website to its database. All you have to do is to add a sitemap to Google Search Console and there you go!

Steps Needed for Submission

  • Locate the XMP Sitemap: The first and foremost thing is to get an XML file or a sitemap to list all pages. Type “ and there will be a site in front of you.

How to check page’s visibility on Google?

Simply, search by your web address on Google and find the results. If the page has been crawled and indexed, it will show up right away. Or, you can use the search operator command, type “”

Submission on Yahoo

Another easy search engine to submit your website: All you have to do is to submit on Bing and it will appear on Yahoo search results as well. Yes, that’s true!

Submission on Bing

To begin with, learn how to use Bing Webmaster Tools as they are necessary to setup your website on the search engine. Like Google Search Console, submission on Bing also requires a sitemap. So, choose one from the menu, provide the URL of your sitemap and submit!

With these top three search engine submission, you will see a visible change in the online presence of your website.